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PROJECT                     APARTMENT BUILDING        1210 YORKMILLS AVE


  • Location: York Mills Road Toronto

  • Surface Area: 16,000 sq.ft

  • Category: Commercial Roofing


High rise apartment building having multiple roof issues with leaks in units, original roof was a 4 ply tar gravel system and was breaking down at the transitions from field of roof that meets the walls. Water was getting in between the layers of felt causing Roof blisters to form. Better Contracting removed the old roof system and installed new insulation providing a better R(value) than existing and putting a new 2ply Modified roof system on, this will give the clients a peace of mind for many years.

High Rise re roofing project including:

  • Crane truck delivering roofing material to a 12 story building.

  • Removal of multiple layered 4 ply tar and gravel roofing (B.U.R), using special containers to bring roofing debris down to disposal containers supplied by Better Disposal Bins.

  • Installation of tapered insulation to roof surface and providing a R12.1 (minimum) value with vapour barrier / retarder.

  • Installation of a 2 ply SBS Bitumen membrane to roof surface area.

Project Challenges

Large commercial project with a multitude of challenges.

  • Challenge 1: This project is located on a very busy street in Toronto and the accessibility for large trucks for delivery and removal of material proved difficult to stay on budget.

  • Challenge 2: This project is a high rise multi tenanted residential facility. Materials needed to be lifted and lowered to and from great heights with health and safety concerns for the residents.

  • Challenge 3: Due to the large surface area being replaced, equipment and work areas had to be altered to accommodate the client and their tenants.

How We Solved Them

  1. Due to the high volume of traffic on the street, we organized routine delivery and removal during non peak traffic times (delivery and removal were scheduled at 7 a.m. daily during work progress)

  2. We are meticulous about client and general public safety. We provided a separate and fully fenced area for our workers and equipment throughout the project duration.

  3. We at Better Contracting understand that clients and their respective tenants need to be reassured during extensive renovations.  Our obligation is to satisfy our client’s needs with special care to their requirements.  Always being on time and on budget.

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